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Make an Appointment

The Eye Center is committed to serving the public’s eye health and vision needs as a teaching facility. Our normal hours of operation are from 8 am – 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Call (901) 722-3250 to request an appointment. After hours emergency care may be requested by calling the same number, (901) 722-3250.

When making your appointment, please let us know if you require special assistance or needs for your visit. Interpreter services may be available.

Attention Patients!


Effective May 16, 2022, the Clinical Programs of SCO will begin to apply the Mature Minor Doctrine for purposes of general consent to examine and initiate treatment for all individuals 14 years of age and older.

The Mature Minor Doctrine in Tennessee permits healthcare providers to treat certain minors, 14 years of age and older, without parental consent and states…  Between the ages of 14 and 18, there is a rebuttable presumption of capacity, and the physician may treat without parental consent unless the physician believes that the minor is not sufficiently mature to make their own health care decisions.  For our purposes, this means consent for eye health and vision examination including the use of all pharmaceutical agents (eye drops) necessary for examination.

Tennessee county health departments follow Tennessee law and provide medical treatment and vaccinations to patients as young as 14 without parental consent if the individual provider determines that the patient meets the definition of a “mature minor” in accordance with Tennessee law.

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