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Outreach Request

Community Outreach Request

To streamline responses to requests for SCO participation in community events so that we may better serve the community as a whole while continuing to provide the best possible educational experience for our students, SCO will be implementing the following guidelines for community outreach requests as of February 1, 2014:
  1. Requests submitted more than three months in advance of the month during which the event is scheduled will not be accepted. 
    Example: An event scheduled for April 20th will not be accepted by the online system if the request is submitted prior to January 1st. The request must be submitted after January 1st.
  2. Requests must be submitted by the second Wednesday of the month that falls two months prior to the month during which the event is scheduled.
    Example: An event scheduled for April 20th should be submitted for consideration by the second Wednesday of February.
  3. All requests will receive responses within one week of the submission deadline.
    Example: A request for an event on April 20th will receive a response by the third Wednesday of February.
It is the desire of Southern College of Optometry to comply with all reasonable requests for participation in community events that promote awareness and activities to improve eye health, vision and quality of life for people of Memphis and the Mid-South.

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