Pediatric Primary Care provides care to patients 12 years of age and younger.

All of the family practice services provided to older patients are available to children through the Pediatric Primary Care service. Doctors in this service area are particularly trained in the special needs of infants, pre-school and school-aged children. Many are nationally recognized as experts in pediatric vision, vision therapy and learning-related vision disorders.

Healthy vision is an important part of any child’s overall well-being. Diagnosing and treating vision disorders is critical for children to properly develop and use good vision. According to the American Public Health Association and the American Optometric Association, between 10-25 percent of school-age children have eye or vision problems. School-age children also depend on good vision in order to perform well in the classroom and at play. Your children’s vision is important, so an eye examination should always be on the checklist for starting school each year to diagnose or correct a vision problem.