Types of Treatment

Vision Therapy/Orthoptics is an individually prescribed (often medically necessary) course of techniques designed to strengthen basic vision skills, correct muscle problems (like eye turn) and treat “lazy eye”. Specific activities stimulate the eyes and brain to improve a patient’s ability to control his or her visual system. This therapy may be conducted along with surgical treatment and or spectacle lenses.


Pleoptics involves the use of light to stimulate the eyes and brain. Various techniques are used along with Vision Therapy/Orthoptic procedures to increase treatment results.

Perceptual Therapy

Perceptual Therapy involves the use of special activities to help an individual compensate for problems that affect learning. Activities improve a person’s ability to gather and process information received from the eyes. Often this therapy is conducted along with remedial activities at home and school.

Sports Vision Enhancement

Sports Vision Enhancement can be achieved through the use of Vision Therapy in the individual with an otherwise “normal” visual system. Vision therapy has been demonstrated to be effective in improving visual skills for maximum performance in baseball, tennis and even golf.

Visual Rehabilitation Services

Visual Rehabilitation Services are often provided in addition to Vision Therapy for individuals suffering from problems related to stroke and other forms of accidental head trauma.