What to Expect

1. Who will be performing my exam?
During your exam you will work with a licensed doctor of optometry assisted by a student intern. The intern will be performing some initial testing, with the doctor finalizing any glasses or medicine prescriptions that are necessary.

2. What testing will be included in my exam?
There are 2 parts to the exam: vision and eye health. The vision portion of the exam will include detailed testing to determine any necessary glasses prescription as well as detect any problems with focusing or alignment of the eyes. The health evaluation will include screening tests for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration plus many other ocular conditions.

3. Will my eyes be dilated during my exam? What does this mean?
Typically, the eye health exam is performed dilated, meaning that drops are instilled in your eyes to open the pupils and allow a better view of the inside of the eye. This is particularly important for patients with diabetes and high blood pressure who are at higher risk for eye conditions. Together, you and your doctor will determine when this should performed.